1. I love youI take thee with everything I have ever wanted

    To love and to give my heart felt love

    In riches poverty and struggle

    In all love paths

    Trust me I do

    I love you and always will

    When i see you i see a whisper 

    I hear you I hear love in the air

    You are a life gift

    I promise you life eternal love

    But keep in mind strong storms will come

    Am sure them tides won’t get us

    We will be the strongest 

    With honesty and trust 

    With love and hope

    Am now telling you 

    I accept this ring

    And all the handcuffs it comes with

    I say no more

    Yes….I do



I was angered by how you treated us

The warriors of this fight 

We wouldn’t like to die

The gunshots 

The wounds

I smell death at an angle

Maybe this battle is for the great

I presumed that we would win

My love for life

Goes to endless creations

But my love for my country

Goes far and beyond

Wouldn’t tell a lie 

Wouldn’t sell it for anything

That’s why am in this battle

This bloody battle

Measures taken

Lives protected 

I mean its worth

Nobody dies

When we are fighting for

A better world

A better state

Be sure

We will win


<i always=”” had=”” mixed=”” emotions=”” before=”” you=”” cameI never knew that I was like this

<i always=”” had=”” mixed=”” emotions=”” before=”” you=”” cameSo happy until you came

The thought of you wanting to let go

Hurts and hurts too much

Please trust me when i say yes

Bare with all the quests we go through

I wish that all could be smooth but

We both know its tragic

I miss you with each passing moment even though your not gone

Am still asking will you stay with me

My heart would love the company

Your too afraid to tell me i love thee

Just because you think am not sure

Well just know it breaks me

Breaks me into pieces

Dont worry if i over worry

Am still glad that we are together

Just know my heart sings your song

My mind thinks of you

I hope this goes on

Am happy that this is us

Its just me

Its us

A moment of black

A moment of white

Karma issues

<i always=”” had=”” mixed=”” emotions=”” before=”” you=”” came