My love for darkness grows as I also grow older. Finding dark stuff captivating and the light too much.I used to fear the night, now all I crave for is it’s darkness.The sound of gunshots on the TV screen used to scare me, now am captivated by live bullets .The thought of going to high places made me feel high. I had a thing ,a height phobia that now turned into love.When i see so many stairs in a building i smile. I one day said to one that it was a perfect place for murder but i was not thinking of suicide or something I just felt like it. I used to fear all men in black. Now I wear black and relate so well wondering where was I all this time my black love my crush? I used to laugh so much but my smile is limited.I never used to love talking with my eyes but now i think its my best way to get my point across. I think the society also pours some water to this growth too. It also loves black but I find our ways different. We have changed our lives to media lives. We get married though a status then we bond over a chat then expose our feelings in the status. Our behavior sounds too bad but in our eyes it looks good. We are never bothered when friend never visits but we are bothered with the same friend blue and grey ticks. This means our mindset has darkened lost priority. Black is what is termed as dark but our lives are dim. We even cant light them using a candle. I don’t know what type of light each person needs so I’ll go back to my love , black. Something that expresses so much in just one word. I still want to find the truth. Why I was afraid of the dark and now I feel at home when the night draws close. When all lights are put off. This is my comfort zone. The society around me too. Where most people are able to think and act. The problem is what we love the dark for. Anyway this has become my definition. Something am growing in love with and my daily bread. With the help of people around me I get to grow too. When they adorn in black they make me smile but we speak of two different types and never will I want to agree on their side . Am not crossing lanes


Published by Mutcy 1871

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